Migrated to a New Server


The main website is now no longer on GitHub Page. However a mirrored copy of the website still remains at mtcw99.github.io for basic website redundency. While the GitHub Page mirror might be more reliable and faster than the main site, at the very least I have total control of the server now. This mean I can put up other services such as a Gemini site and configure all down to what OS the server uses.

At the moment, the server is running postmarketOS on an Samsung Galaxy S5, nginx as the HTTP server, and Molly Brown as the Gemini server. There's going to be a write up soon about this, mainly on the topic of repurposing an old smartphone into a server and some technical details on the setup.

There might be more services to come but for now HTTP and Gemini site are up. The Gemini site will eventually be mostly a Gemini-version mirror of the HTTP site, although I have to figure out on how that will work first.