New site and blog


Honestly I've been contemplating about re-doing the blog for my website. I decided to ditch my custom static site generator mssg for one that not only just works, but rather simple as well: ssg. While it does not really have a script or something to help make some sort of blog structure leading to making my own shell script for that purpose, at least ssg was easy to setup and understand itself.

Other than this, recently I've been making a Gemini and Gopher client in C99 and xcb. I do plan to create a library (likely just a single header file) out of the xcb “helper” components that I've made created during using xcb for this project.

In fact, it wasn't the first time I've used xcb. Previously I've tried to create a library straight from it, first in a style like the traditional GUI widget libraries (EX: GTK and Qt), but then decided to switch the API style to more like imgui. While it was kind of working, development kind of stalled and the current project is remaking that library idea again. The API of that is at the moment less abstract than the previous attempts but that could change somewhere in the future.

As for the client project, I do plan to release it to the public whenever it gets to some sort of ok state where Gemini TLS certificates are handled properly, good enough bug fixes, and more xcb components made and used.